Review of Casino Pride Goa – Good or Bad?

casino pride goa

Casino Pride Goa is now Majestic Pride Casino and is a great place to chill out with friends and family. The best sun-soaked beaches, the cool coffee and the adventure sports with a lot of fun are all things you need to experience. If you want to know more about Casino Price, here is essential information from about it.

Majestic Pride Casino Goa Overview

Casino Pride is a lively place where you should come once during your trip. Immersing yourself on the delicate waves of the Arabian Sea and relaxing in a magical setting. They will bring you to a different world with all the great services. Moreover, you can sail through the ocean with the cruise that gives you stunning views of the horizons of the turquoise sea and the golden land.

Not only amazing breathtaking views, but remarkable experience of gambling and winning is what Casino Pride offers. It gives a selected range of games from around the world and the most popular games from the traditional Indian origins. This casino also provides a variety of 5-star accommodation, party deck, fine dining restaurants and electrifying bar to accompany you while you’re playing. Additionally, Majestic Pride Casino also houses popular DJ nights, acrobatics, live dance performances and bollywood-themed dance performances at the casino.

It also offers a great gaming experience for both Indian and international casino games with a wide variety of choices to play. Some of the traditional Indian games are Flush (Teen Patti, Mang Patta, Peplum Andar Bahar. The international games are Blackjack, Baccarat, American Roulette, Casino War, Pride stud poker, 3 card poker, 5 card poker, progressive jackpot slot machine, mini flush…

casino pride goa

There are many players who believe that good food and a wide variety of games is an essential part of an amazing experience and they found that to be all true when they experienced the unlimited game and food options at Casino Pride.

The live entertainment event lasts from 9 to 11pm on the cruise. If you have some kids, you don’t have to worry about them. Because the casino houses a separate kid’s zone. It is called “Hokey Pokey” for kids to spend time and enjoy a funny space. Moreover, caretakers will look after kids with fun movies and games while you join the casino’s games and relax with music. 

This casino in Goa city operates 24/7 and the players can experience the fun of playing on a cruise anchored at any time they like. However, if you want to enjoy the ambience inside the casino, you should go post-sunset.

Best Games at the Casino Pride


Roulette is a game that includes a wheel having certain numbers written on black and red shades.  As a player, you have to choose either a certain number, colors and a group of numbers, if the number is odd or even or between high and low. After choosing, a ball is rolled to settle inside a coloured block with a constant number. If you fulfill the conditions, you win.


With Blackjack, you have to get playing cards to sum up below 21 and more than the total cards that the dealer has. If you get a total below 21, you win instead you exceed the number 21, you are out of the game and lose all your money.

casino pride goa royale-gaming


Baccarat is the game players should hit at the Casino Pride, especially newbies. This game doesn’t require any skill set and everything depends upon luck, you will be as good as an amateur player.

Flush (Teen Patti)

Flush or Teen Patti is a local game which has evolved after combining 3 Card Poker, 5 Card Poker and Mini Flush. This game lets you play with slightly loose combos of cards too. So at the Casino Pride, the game is always on!

Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is another game that depends totally upon your luck at Casino Pride. The dealer withdraws one card and starts dividing the leftover cards into two. You need to have strong enough luck to get the other three cards of the same face on your side of the tables.

Mang Patta

Manga Patta is the newest updated version of Andar Bahar. The dealer shuffles your cards and you demand one face value of the card. Any player gets the most numbers at face value wins.

Pau (27 Cards) Rummy

It is one of the most popular games at Casino Pride where you have to be quick and sharp to make sets in sequence, flush or pair to win and defeat your fellow players. There are many players sure that a visit to Majestic Pride Casino in Goa and playing Pau Rummy would surely be a memorable one. 

However, one word of caution before you plan to visit Casino Pride. You should wear smart casuals and a proper pair of shoes, while you enter the cruise. In addition, short and sleeveless t-shirts are a big no-no. You can’t enter the cruise wearing chappals, flip-flops, and that doesn’t look cool either right? So, when are you planning your trip to Goa and most importantly to Casino Pride Goa?

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