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Sky Bet Review

There are mixed opinions about the Sky Bet betting site in India. Some people think that Sky Bet offers many attractive casino games and promotions. But there are also some players who say that they are very disappointed and no longer trust Sky Bet. So is Sky Bet good? The information below will help you answer it all.

SkyBet Withhold Customer Funds

There is a lot of evidence of Sky Bet’s money grabbing behavior and disregard for the interests of guests. One of them is related to the fine that Sky Bet had to pay in March 2018 for cheating on customers.

Sky Bet has taken advantage of players in many different ways. For example, in 736 players who self-excluded because of gambling problems were allowed to open duplicate betting accounts and continue playing without receiving any penalties. In addition, 50,000 self-excluded people are still spammed by Sky Bet promotional messages via email and SMS.

On the other hand, Sky Bet is also accused of stealing account balances from players who have self-excluded, not paying their account balances. Not only fined, gambling commission also revoked Sky Bet’s license. Clearly, the online gambling industry should not abet corrupt practices like Sky Bet.

Why don’t Indian players like Sky Bet?

According to many people they had a bad experience placing bets at Sky Bet. Their account has been restricted and limited when they play wins. Indian players have complained this bookie just wants their players to lose and lose money. The only thing this site cares about is money with no regard for player experience. “Sky Bet’s customer service is really bad,” admitted one player.

Negative customer reviews exist in many places, even TrustPilot – a website that specializes in reviewing online betting sites, only ranks 1/10 points based on about 500 Sky Bet reviews. Not only have negative reviews from users, but this website has also been penalized for fraudulent acts, misappropriating player money. 

In fact, Sky Bet manages most betting activities through an overseas tax authority. This is their way of alleviating suspicion and their tax avoidance strategy. In addition, Sky Bet provided the company’s Leeds address in their license application to the gambling commission. Either way, Sky Bet is always underrated. Therefore, we advise you to consider before participating in this betting site to avoid risks.

Sky Bet

Sky Bet Historical Review

Sky Bet was established through the company of the same name backed by Rupert Murdoch. Sky Bet’s largest shareholder is CVC Capital Partners, a venture capital firm that only cares about profits. Under the management of CVC Capital, Sky Bet has become hard to trust. In the past, CVC Capital Partners purchased a company called Hestview Ltd which was traded as Surrey Sports. This company is the foundation of the SkyBet betting division.

Meanwhile, there is a company called ukbetting that started from scratch in August 1998 as the first UK based online bookmaker. The company was sold in 2000 to ENIC Plc, the then investment arm of the current owners of Tottenham. Current Spurs chairman Daniel Levy has been in talks about a buyout. Levy then sold a controlling stake and simultaneously floated the company to create ukbetting PLC and acquire the Sporting Life website. At the moment, the Internet betting site Totalbet is doing badly and there is no Tote steering wheel.

Realizing the potential, they bought ukbetting PLC, then changed its name to 365Media Group. What is most impressive is that the directors of 365Media Group, do not know too much about the sports betting in India.

After some time, Sky merged the brands ukbetting and Totalbet into Sky Bet. They started looking at their own business, advertising on their own media websites, websites and satellite TV stations. The synergies are clear and the company has taken full advantage, turning the ugly duckling into an online gambling empire.

Sky Bet Review

Under the watchful eye of CVC Capital Partners, Sky Bet‘s reputation has declined and its structure has been taken offshore in the most shady way possible.

In addition, in 2017, CVC Capital was accused of fraud, defrauding their partners, and bypassing the terms and conditions of existing contracts. They used the pretext of complying with and tightening regulations of the Gambling Commission. That’s all – an excuse to not pay players permanently due for years. It was clearly a robbery, perhaps better known as daylight robbery, a scam or theft.


There is no doubt about the reliability of Sky Bet. However, if you want to experience this site, you can place bets at this very site as long as you are 18 years old. You can create an account on Sky Bet in just a few simple steps following the given template. Then confirm the email and complete the registration. Once everything is successful, you can place bets through both your PC and Sky Bet’s mobile app.

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