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The Casino Hotel Kichi is one of the 5-star hotels in India. According to many customers, their staff is very polite and helpful, the space is clean and the food is delicious. If you are looking for a casino hotel, choose Casino Hotel Kochi in preference. Let’s find out how a casino hotel, which is selected by experts at

About of Casino Hotel Kochi

Casino Hotel Kochi is located in Willingdon Island with a history of serving business and leisure travelers for more than 60 years. The award-winning hotel with timeless art deco adds to the charm of this legendary Kochi hotel. 

It can be visited by a ferry from Fort Cochin to the man-made Willingdon Island, which is located right in the middle of the historic business districts of Cochin and Ernakulam. The hotel is designed in an elegant art style, combining modern and traditional styles. Over the years, it has become a destination for both business and leisure travelers. 

Guests can also enjoy the Vasco da Gama bar, which features award-winning seafood caught of the day at Fort Cochin Restaurant. Coming to Casino Hotel Kochi, you not only get the feeling of relaxation, but also have new and unforgettable experiences. At the hotel, you can also experience luxury, elegance and extremely comfortable. The rooms are fully furnished with high-class facilities, a restaurant with delicious food and Ayurveda center – a place for high quality health care. 

At the Ayurvedic center, you can treat yourself to high-end wellness treatments and treatments. The airy campus and clear swimming pool are also a great mental relaxation therapy for you. At the Tharavadu restaurant premises, you can satisfy your palate with delicious dishes that are extremely attractive and delicious.

Reviews about the Casino Hotel Kochi

There are so many opinions and reviews about the Casino Hotel Kochi, both positive and negative reviews. However, the positive reviews still make up the larger number.


Spacious and clean room

One of the guests wrote a review that he stayed at the Casino Hotel Kochi with his family from May 29 to 2 June, 2022. Their experience was amazing. The rooms are spacious and clean with a charming and quaint atmosphere. 

Classic and elegance design

It can be said that Kochi is a boutique hotel on Wellington Island in the Kochi area. Rooms are spacious, the accommodation is old property and so the amenities are quite old giving a vintage charm. The architect of Casino Hotel Kochi created a beautiful waterfall in the compound wall and the small fishes and plants create a lively atmosphere. The interior of Casino Hotel Kochi is also one of the points that many visitors appreciate. It is aesthetically designed with class and elegance. 

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The perfect place for a short break

According to many visitors, Casino Hotel Kochi is a nice place for a short stay. Because this is a less crowded place than most other options in the area. They had a new and tidy room. However, the room temperature is set to 18°C by default and makes them uncomfortable, said Kiran Joseph Couple, a traveler.

Good food

Other Casino Hotel Kochi’s customers said that their buffet breakfast was very good with lots of continental and Indian dishes. Overall, the food was a great experience and highly recommended. We will definitely stay here again.

The in-house restaurant is simply amazing. Both dinner and breakfast were excellent. Don’t miss the dinner buffet, if you want to stay.

Breathtaking view

Nice resort location, it is located by Cochin port. The surrounding landscape is very beautiful and airy. What we like most is the quiet, pleasant. You can both enjoy extremely delicious food and enjoy the fresh and cool air every morning. “Thank you Mr. Gagan and the staff for a great start to our Kerala trip! “Manju Shastry, comment from a guest.

casino-hotel-kochi review

Actually the Casino Hotel Kochi is located a bit far and hard to reach because uber drivers refuse to ride from the road. However, a great breakfast with Indian and American cuisine. This place is very deserted, deserted and peaceful but there is no campus to walk around. Those who want to enjoy the climate and landscape are not a bad choice. In addition, you can enjoy the swimming pool and some accompanying services.

Professional staff

Staff showed an extremely professional approach and behavior in service from check-in until checkout. All staff, including housekeeping, reception and room service were extremely and very polite. 

Great place for couples

The hotel is set in a picturesque setting. In addition, delicious food and professional service are also the main reasons why the couple Sandeep and Julia decided to stay here. The couple said they didn’t really trust the online reviews of Casino Hotel Kochi until they experienced it themselves. They had a great time and will definitely visit again. In particular, the hospitable service, especially the attentive service attitude of Casino Hotel Kochi staff during buffet time is what makes them very satisfied.

The toilet and bathroom are not good

A few customers have complained that the hotel toilets and bathrooms are congested and not as good as other amenities. In addition, some people also complain about the parking lot without cover during the rainy season. However, the parking lot is quite spacious and has valet parking.

No free juice served before 7pm

The worst part at the Casino Hotel Kochi is you don’t get juice or shakes and snacks until the restaurants only open after 7pm. So you have to keep some snacks and all that with you.

To sum up, most visitors give high ratings to Casino Hotel Kochi. Delicious food, good service and many high-class services are the outstanding advantages of this hotel. If you also want to find a fresh, quiet, comfortable and beautiful resort location, this is an ideal place.

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