What is the Ramling Bet? | All thing to know about it in 2022

Ramling Bet

Rambling Bet is this natural island located near Kasegaon. Not only famous for the beauty of nature, but you can also have relaxing moments with the sound of running water, singing birds and finding inner peace. If you are looking for a quiet place to rest, then Rambling is an ideal place.

Is Ramling Bet good to relax?

In many reviews from visitors of onlinegamblingindi.com, Ramling Bet or Rambling bet-Bahe is known as one of the famous tourist attractions in Sangli district. The place is famous for Hanuman temple – one of the 11 Hanuman temples in Maharashtra. It is well maintained and has good areas for parking.

Rambling Bet is placed on the river Krushna making it look like an island, hence its name “bet”. The main temple is one of the historical places in Maharashtra. This temple has much historical and spiritual importance. Great place for one day trip and family trips. However, Rambling lacks a hotel and restaurant to stay and eat.

Overall, the Rambling Bet is a great venue. It is an ideal place for you and your family and friends to have a picnic together. You can get here by car, bus or bicycle. Parking at Rambling Bet is pretty good and you won’t face any problem in parking,

To get to the main temple where Shivling was founded by lord Ram at the time of returning from Lanka to Aayodhya, you need to walk about 1km. Around Rambling Bet there is a main temple and 3 small temples. There is also the temple of Lord Hanuman – one of the 11 Maruti founded by Samarth Ramdas.

Ramling Bet 1

On the left side of the temple you can find a clean and cool spring. The fact that the Rambling Bet is located on the Krishna River has strengthened the religious beliefs of the locals. They believe that Lord Rama visited this place and met the river goddess Krishna. So, to protect Lord Rama, Lord Hanuman sat in front of Lord Rama and caused the river to split into 2 streams and form Rambling Bet island. Besides, the main temple of Lord Rama along with the temple of Lord Hanuman in Maharashtra. Bahe Bridge is one of the longest bridges in Maharashtra.

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Ramling Bet Island – Review from real vistors

There are many reviews from people who have visited Rambling Bet. Most people agree that this is the ideal place to visit. Akash had the following to say about Rambling: It’s great to go to Rambling Bet with loved ones once. Here we can spend fun and relaxing time with friends and family. Akash visited this place with his fiancée. It was actually a suggestion made as we shared some unfiltered conversations here.

With this around Akash and his wife feel incredibly wonderful. If there is a chance in the future, they will definitely visit here again. They also have several photos that they spent together here. “Enjoy your life as much as you can because you never know what will happen next. This is really a nice place. Whenever I visit this place I feel very fresh. and peaceful. You will enjoy playing in the water of Krishna river. It is believed that Shri Prabhu Ram and Sitamai along with Hanuman visited this place, which gives a spiritual aspect to this place.”

Meanwhile, a user by the name of Captain wrote that Rambling Bet is indeed a place worth a visit. This place is very quiet, fresh and a great place for spiritual relaxation. The temple is inside the Krishna river, the way to the temple gives you a great feeling with the water surrounded by the road. There is also Boating. There is Ram temple & 11 Maruti temple.

You can also visit Narsingh temple of Narsinghpur near this place. They are very ancient and Narsinh Murti is located in the ground like Bhuyari Marg. You can visit Machindranath Temple near the location of Kille Macchindra Gad, you can walk there. This is one of the Navnath temples.

Ramling Bet

And Sukumari gave a positive review of Rambling Bet with winged compliments. This user thinks that this is one of the famous tourist places and must visit when you come to Sangli district. Not only beautiful ancient temples, safe parking areas, and beautiful nature are the highlights of Rambling Bet.

In addition, you can feel the sound of birds singing, the sound of water flowing in rivers and streams around the island. You must visit this place to find inner peace. You can also bring a swimsuit to swim at the small waterfall.

Rambling Bet is available for helicopter landing. This place is completely surrounded by verdant trees. Rambling is truly a peaceful, beautiful and memorable place. It is a harmonious combination of religious and natural aspects that anyone can explore. This place is populated on a riverside island on Krishna river near Villege Bahe. You can get there by bus, car or bicycle, the nearest city Islampur is just 8 km away. Far away and Karad city is also 20 km away.

It is also close to National Highway 4, only 5 km. Here, there is also a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman on this island and the village’s name is named after the story in the Ramayana (BAHE). There are many species of birds so it would be a treat for bird lovers. Many people from pune mumbai and surrounding places come to see this. The Rambling Bet has really become one of the favorite places for pre-wedding photos.

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